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OTA: Easter Garden Party!

Who: High Priestess Kendrel, her Acolytes, and you! Yes, you! This is open to any character who has ever been in any teamnesia game, because I said so.
Where: The Garden
When: ~it's timey wimey do what you want~
What: A party!

[You are cordially invited to a garden party, courtesy of the High Priestess of the Lapine. Should you accept the invitation and arrive, you'll enter the garden through the base of a giant, ancient tree (though if you turn around to look where you came from once you've arrived, is the hole you came out of really big enough for you to have squeezed through...?), and you'll find yourself in a beautifully kept garden, fields of colorful plants stretching every which way. The flower of the day is larkspur, especially varieties that form the shape of a rabbit head - you'll see it everywhere.]

[To your right are tables, covered in a banquet of food. To your left is a field left grassy for dancing, and past it is a hedge maze. Ahead of you are carefully-arranged fields of flowers, with paths laid out for exploring and flower viewing. And above you, the three moons shine brightly and peacefully.]

[At the entrance, Kendrel is there to greet you.]

Welcome! Please, make yourselves at home. I hope you have a good time.

[[Various top-levels are provided as prompts, but feel free to make your own as well! And yes I'm pulling out [personal profile] rabbitrabbitrabbit for the Acolytes.]]
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The Trellis - Talk to White

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[...Do you really want meat?

There's one more table, where a small trellis has been set up, and harvested flowers have been gathered. A sign next to it says:

Offer a wish of hope on a flower, and tie it to the trellis, and the Lady will provide.

So basically, make a wish on a flower and tie it to the trellis, and then you can probably ask the white winged rabbit sitting next to it for a small item in return. Including (but not limited to) meat.

Or you can just talk to her. That's an option too.]