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Heart Game Signups!

Hi~ I want to run a heart game with Sol, so this is something of an Official Sign Up And Survey post for that. I'm currently (optimistically, with the assumption that I get a lot of prewriting done over the next week and a half) looking at starting the weekend of October 8, because that's a long weekend for me, EDIT: Postponed, possibly to November? but it can go as long as need be, and if that doesn't work for people, I can pretty much start any weekend in mid-October or early November. (Except the last weekend of October, because I have an important prior commitment.)

This heart is open to any character who has any tie to Kyriakos, regardless of their status as of the closing of the game and regardless of whether they're a Wisp or an Echo. I'm going to be setting things kind of nebulously vague-handwavey post-Kyr, so feel free to be at full powers and memories and the like.

The Plot Hook
So, if you've read any of Sol's memories, you've probably heard of this thing in his world called the Null. Byproduct of intense negative emotion, causes more of it in a vicious cycle, semi-sentient force that wants to bring the world back to zero, etcetera. You might also know that Sol was infected with a Dragon made of the stuff, caused a lot of Fun Times, that he and Fiere killed the first time they turned into their Angel form.

The problem, of course, is that while they killed it, that doesn't mean he's not infected anymore. And since Null grows stronger when fed with negativity, and Kyriakos was pretty hard on him at times no matter how supportive Ratatoskr was and how optimistic he tried to be... well. He never had the skill needed for it to flare up while Kyriakos was a thing, but now it can. So the Dragon has revived, and Sol would rather destroy himself from the inside than let it take the reins again... which he very well might, let's be realistic here, he's not very good at self-care.

Therefore, his recognition that he needs help has manifested itself in the guise of his friends, the other Angels, and you, our brave heroes, have been called to assist them in defeating the Dragon once again. But before anyone can reach the True Heart to help, there's some cleaning that needs to be done...

Powers and Items
Powers will be on, with occasional exceptions in certain areas. However, the Heart reserves the right to cause any powers it doesn't approve of to backfire explosively. (You probably have an idea of what it doesn't approve of.)

I'm still deciding about items.

Player Interaction
Mostly for my sanity's sake, but ICly because the Null wants to keep everyone separate in order to weaken them, runs will be solo, with the exception that two players who specifically want to work together can both ask me ahead of time. I can accommodate pairs. However, there will be a communication system in place so characters can keep in touch, via a PDA-based texting app.

Nobody will be able to see each other outside of the entrance and the True Heart (assuming certain preconditions are met). ...Except possibly in one Very Bad Circumstance, I'm still debating whether to put that in or not.

Content Warnings
Depending on where you go, this heart will contain references to and discussion of mind control/possession, mass murder, PTSD, depression/anxiety, self-hatred, suicidal ideation, and helplessness, to varying degrees. There is a non-zero chance of character death (though there will be the potential to earn a revival mechanic at the very least), and also a non-zero chance of mind-screwery, though if one is careful, the likelihood of either is pretty low. There will be references to certain bad games that occurred at Kyr - if there are any games in particular you would rather me avoid bringing up, by all means ping me and I can work with you. Heck, if there's anything you want me to avoid, please don't hesitate to ask me to avoid it.

Also there will be lots of fire, but I should hope you'd be expecting that.

If you're interested in signing up, please reply to this post! I would ask that you please fill out this short survey when you do so. You don't have to go into much detail if you don't want to, I just would like this information for Reasons. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask them, too!

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[personal profile] showyouthesight 2016-09-28 11:02 pm (UTC)(link)
Contact: fortheteam
Character: Sakura
Preferred Dates: Oct. 8 is fine
Partner Request: N/A

What powers does your character have? None
If your character could have any power, what would they want? Flying
What element is best associated with your character? Water
What animal is best associated with your character? A SHARK
What is your character's worst fear? Being forgotten or not being good enough
What can't your character forgive, no matter what? He can pretty much forgive anything, if given enough time.